In the past years, Cycles of Spirit has been grateful to rent the beautiful space in the Parish Hall of the KUUC for our services. We will be back in-person only for the months of June, July, and August of 2023. Otherwise each month a new ZOOM link will be posted here. There sill be no zooming or recording of in-person services. More details to follow. 

Please note that Cycles of Spirit is not affiliated with the Keene UUC.

On Monday, April 3rd, 
our guest medium is Reverend Sandra Harrick
Please visit our "Meet the medium" page for Sandy's bio and contact info. 

The ZOOM link for April 3rd is

We use ZOOM as our meeting platform in order to continue our services, and rely on your generous offerings through PayPal with the "Donate to Cycles of Spirit" button below. You are also welcome to pay with a check to our address. 

We are grateful for your gifts. This helps to cover our costs of insurance, website, our domain name, non-profit church renewal through the NH Government guidelines, ZOOM costs, speakers, and mediums. 

If you would rather donate by check please make it out to Cycles of Spirit and mail to:

Cycles of Spirit

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You may also pay for your membership through this PayPal button or by check. Please go to our "Memberships" Page for more information on how to submit your membership. 

Thank you for your continued generosity as we strive to bring healing and upliftment through the service that Cycles of Spirit provides.

In the spirit of love, light and joy. Rev Kary


We are continuing to ZOOM our services until further notice. 

Although it's not the same as in-person, we have found the connection through the internet to be uplifting and filled with light and love.

With deep gratitude for all who attend, for your support as a member, and for your donations.

In the spirit of love, light and joy.


I believe each person's Sanctuary resides within and mirrors our very being when we notice and tap into all of the amazing beauty around. As Cycles of Spirit ended its 11th year and planted its seed for this 12th year, we have grown and blossomed from a handful of people attending the Spiritual Development Circles, to as many as 72 people on a Monday evening! Now that we are ZOOMing our services the remarkable energy of light and love continues to be felt, even thought we are not meeting in person. 

As a Spiritualist gathering we are blessed with the offering of healing, inspirational messages, and amazing mediums who give evidence that proves, without a doubt, that our Loved Ones in Spirit are still with us. 

Cycles of Spirit was not meant to be a church of the physical as much as it was created as a space for people to find their way on their Spiritual journey in feeling safe, as they search their heart and soul for comfort in healing and upliftment. There is a connection embraced that is beyond words and I am grateful for the experience and the sharing that is brought forth each month.

The purpose of going within to soul-search has become more and more the theme for the present-day. Cycles of Spirit continues to embrace each person as you reflect from the heart of your spirit and soul in realizing that love abides. 

May your journey be Divinely guided and the light that you are shine bright. With so much love. I look forward to seeing everyone as we meet each month for our evening service. 

Blessings to you ~ Namaste ~ In the spirit of love, light and joy, Rev Kary


Blessings on the paths of our two newly ordained Ministers! 

Both beautiful souls were ordained on October 10, 2022. 

Reverend Linda O'Brien, Vice President. 

Reverend Carol Cleary, Secretary.                                                              

CONGRATULATIONS on your journey as Ministers! 

In the spirit of love, light and joy!

Spiritualism offers a belief in and an awareness toward a better way of life and understanding of the Universe through Natural Spiritual and Physical Laws.


Spiritualism teaches personal responsibility as we are held accountable for our own actions and are taught to accept others' paths without judgment.


Spiritualism shows proof of the continuity of life through physical and mental forms of mediumship, offering healing through this process.


As we apply Spiritualism as a core belief system we honor and invoke the God-force within and all around us.